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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Happy Sunday Divas! I hope your weekend was as fabulous as mine. As you prepare for the upcoming work week, I want you to ponder the following question: How many times have you been at a predominately male professional networking event where the topic of conversation is sports? More importantly, have you ever felt left out of a discussion because you are uncomfortable with the influx of sports jargon? If so, you are going to LOVE the Martini Chronicles’ new feature: Sports Break! As such, please let me introduce our sports aficionado, Anita Jarman, Founder and CEO of A Game Public Relations, LLC.

There is a fine line between Public Relations and Journalism.  So, as a PR professional/entrepreneur/connoisseur it is imperative that I let my journalism side come out from time to time.  With that said, it is my pleasure to introduce you to a new feature of the Martini Chronicles.  This feature is strictly informative, entertaining, controversial, and confrontational, and focuses on the ultimate reality show: SPORTS!

So who am I to speak on such a well-respected topic?  Other than growing up in a family surrounded by athletes, I have played basketball (my sport of choice), volleyball, soccer, and softball.  And if it were up to me, I’d play football, but not for that Lingerie League that comes on MTV (we’ll save that for another time).  My love for this industry really became apparent as I interned at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, which was a life-changing experience.  Currently, I am studying Sports Industry Management on the Graduate level at the Georgetown University in our Nation’s Capital.  I’ve lived in the Washington Metropolitan Area all my life, a city that boasts  a major league team in every professional sport: Washington Mystics (WNBA), Washington Redskins (NFL), Washington Nationals (MLB), Washington Capitals (NHL), D.C. United (MLS), and the Washington Wizards (NBA) (notice which team came first!). 
Which leads me to the Martini Chronicles… I am here to help my fellow Professional Divas improve their understanding of sports. If you have ever wondered what a First Down or Technical Foul is, or maybe Under Par, or how to spark up a conversation at the next predominately male business outing, this section is for you!  Learn what to say and how to say it when it comes to sports. Believe me, you’ll feel more well-rounded, and your significant other may be pleasantly surprised  when you  scream “Touchdown” for the right team. So get ready Divas! I am going to give you the skills that will help you converse about sports like a big girl…in a fabulous dress! Stay tuned!

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