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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Martini Break - The Tiramisu Martini

Well, it has been a little over two weeks since the beginning of Lent.* This year, I decided to give up my biggest temptation: sweets! Now let me clarify what I consider “sweets.” To me, sweets are comprised of cookies, cakes, and candy…the three things that have always managed to ruin my diet. Can you imagine how anxious I felt when I went out to lunch this week with a colleague, and had to pass on the homemade tiramisu? My heart sank, and I walked out of the restaurant dessert-less! While my waistline is forever grateful for my sacrifice, my sweet tooth was aching. I immediately turned to my beloved Martini Chronicles to lament over my lack of sweets; as such, my fellow Professional Divas will benefit from yet another one of my life experiences. In honor of the dessert that got away, I present to you the Tiramisu Martini. Oh yes! This is one for the record books! Absolutely delicious, decadent, and sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.  Now, due to the use of chocolate, I cannot indulge in this recipe until late April…but you can! So do it!

2 oz of Your Favorite Rum
½ oz Irish Cream (Bailey’s)
½ oz Coffee Liqueur
½ oz Chocolate Liqueur
½ oz Vanilla Liqueur
Chocolate Syrup (For Garnish)
Dark Chocolate Shavings (For Garnish)

- Drizzle chocolate syrup along the insides of a martini glass and chill for at least 1 hour.
- In a shaker, combine ice, rum, Irish cream, and the liqueurs. Shake!
- Strain mixture into chilled martini glass.
- Sprinkle dark chocolate shaving on top of mixture for garnish.

Now…grab some vanilla wafers and enjoy your Tiramisu Martini. Let me know what you think! Drink Responsibly!

*For more information on Lent, click here!

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Heather said...

OMG! Good thing the liquor store is closed!!!

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