P90X vs. Insanity

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Spring is here! Sought of. Beach weather is right around the corner, and I know many of you may be looking for a quick and effective way to shed a few pounds before shedding your clothes. Two of the hottest fitness plans on the market today are the P90X and Insanity Workout Plans. Both of these plans boast serious results in a little as 90 (P90X) or 60 (Insanity) days.  But which one is right for you? Well….in the spirit of sharing, I have compiled a quick summary/comparison of the two plans. Take a look, and see which one suits you. 

Length: 90 Days (You read it right! That’s 3 months! You’d be done by June!)
Equipment Needed: Dumbbells or Resistance Bands, Pull Up Bar, Yoga Mat, Yoga Blocks, a Sturdy Chair, Water, and a Towel
What You Get: 12 Workout DVDS, Fitness Guide, 3-Phase Nutrition Plan, and Workout Calendar
Cost: $119.85 (You can break it up into 3 monthly payments)

What’s All the Hype About?: The Power 90 Extreme Workout, affectionately called P90X, is a fitness program that combines cardiovascular and strength training, as well as yoga, plyometrics, and stretching to make a healthier and sexier you in 90 days. P90X focuses on the concept of “muscle confusion,” which prevents the body from adapting to any one activity, and reduces the chances of hitting a plateau. The program has 12 workout DVDs, each of which target a different muscle group. In order to get the full impact of the program, users are required to workout 6 days a week (with 1 day of rest) for 13 weeks. You would need anywhere from 60 to 105 minutes to complete the workout, depending on which DVD you are working on. P90X also gives the option of following the original or the Lean plan. The plan also urges users to follow the accompanying nutrition plan to achieve maximum results. Before beginning on this workout, be sure to mentally prepare yourself for the daily workouts. I suggest starting the plan with a workout buddy to keep you motivated. Also, be sure to strictly follow the fitness plan.

Length: 60 Days (You’d be done by May!)
Equipment Needed: A Mat, Water (lots of it), and 2 Towels (One for you, and one to clean up the pool of sweat on the floor)
What You Get: 10 Workout DVDs, Elite Nutrition Plan, Fitness Guide, and Insanity Calendar
Cost: $119.85 (You can break it up into 3 monthly payments)

What’s All the Hype About?: The Insanity Workout uses strenuous, cardiovascular training to improve one’s fitness in 60 days. Insanity focuses on the concept of “max interval training,” which requires users to workout strenuously for about 3 to 4 minutes, followed by a period of rest for about 30 seconds…and then repeat! The program has 10 workout DVDs that focus on plyometric drills, non-stop interval training, and ab/core training moves. The workouts average about 45 minutes per day (not too bad!). Like P90X, the Insanity workout requires users to workout 6 days a week (with 1 day of rest). Additionally, the plan urges users to follow a nutrition plan to achieve the best results. Again, having a workout buddy may help to keep you motivated. And following the fitness plan is key!

There you have it! Just a quick synopsis of these two popular fitness plans. For more information and to read reviews for each plan, please be sure to visit each website. Also, if you have done either of these fitness plans, please share with everyone by commenting below. Happy Almost Summer!


Anonymous said...

Great post! My fiance and I did P90X together, but long distance, we challenged one another from afar. He went on and did Insanity while deployed.

They are excellent programs! I am thinking of doing P90X again to get a boost on summer time.

Thanks for stopping by on CommentHour.

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