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Monday, May 16, 2011

Shellac UV Nail Polish

Divas…I think I’ve stumbled upon a solution for the common problem us women have with chipped nail polish two days after a manicure. But before I share my new find, I want to give you a little background information about me. Historically, I have always hated getting manicures. Back when I was in high school and college, I alternated between acrylic tips (don’t judge me), and my natural nails. Even then, I hated getting colored nail polish because it took too long to dry, and it would chip after two days…I hated it! So in my professional life, I resolved to forego acrylic tips and nail polish altogether. I would keep my nails trimmed low, and would only use clear nail polish. This routine guaranteed that I would not be embarrassed in a business meeting or at a conference due to the chipping polish on my nails.

Over the past few years, I continued with this “clear nail polish” practice…that is until 2 weeks ago. Right before I went on my mini vacation to Germany, I stopped by the nail salon for a quick mani/pedi. As I was sitting in the massage chair getting my pedicure, I noticed an advertisement on the wall for Shellac. I was curious as to what it was, so I asked the nail technician for more information. She told me that Shellac was a new UV Gel system that boasts long lasting nail color (2 weeks!) with zero chipping, and quick drying time. I’m always up for a new challenge, so I agreed to try Shellac

With the use of a UV Base Coat, UV Color Coat, UV Top Coat, and a UV Lamp, the nail technician transformed my “blah” nails into beautiful nails! And it only took her 10 minutes! You heard me right….10 minutes start to finish….I was dried and ready to go in 10 minutes! But here’s the real prize…the polish actually last for 2 weeks! No chipping, no dulling, no smudging. I washed my hands, hair, dishes, dog, etc., and there was no chipping. The polish stayed put! Needless to say, I am a fan, and I went back yesterday for a fresh color.
So, how does Shellac work? Check out this video...

And check out these before and after pics!

 There you have it! The Shellac system is my new best friend. I now feel confident in showcasing my polished nails in the office. In fact, I have received many compliments on my polish. I think you Divas should definitely try it out! For more information, check out Creative Nail Design’s website at

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Just One Donna said...

Looks like a possible solution. How does it look as it grows out at the base of the nail over the two weeks?

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