Random Act of Kindness!!!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Divas! I recently witnessed a random act of kindness that not only made me smile, but also motivated me to act on the feelings I was experiencing in that moment. Let me back up a little, and tell you about a phenomenal woman, who will remain nameless because I don’t know who she is! I was visiting the nail salon today for my bi-weekly mani/pedi. As I’m sitting in the chair getting my nails polished, I noticed a young woman sitting next to me getting a French manicure. She was noticeably excited about it! I even mentioned to her how pretty her nails looked (you know us ladies love to talk to strangers when we are getting pretty!). She beamed! She began talking to the nail technician, and was inquiring about the price for a matching pedicure. She soon realized that she did not have enough money to pay for a pedicure. Even though you could see how hurt she was, she smiled and said she would save up for a pedicure next time.

Less than a minute later, another female patron walked over to the nail technician who was polishing the young woman’s nails. The patron paid for her services, and then handed the nail technician an extra $20. The nail technician was confused! The patron then said:

“Here’s 20 dollars for her pedicure. I know how important a pedicure is for a woman and she should have one.” 

The patron turned around, and headed out the door. I was floored! This patron essentially paid for this young woman to get a pedicure, and then walked out the door like it was nothing! The young woman looked at me and said, “That was very nice of her. I never knew nice people like that existed.” I had tears in my eyes. This random act of kindness, as small as it was, made such a huge impact on the young woman’s confidence. It also brightened her spirits. The patron who footed the bill left too soon to see how special her gift was, and how much her kindness had affected me.

When I left the salon, I called a friend, who is also a publicist, to tell her about this act. I also told her what I was going to do to see that more women have a chance to experience the confidence that comes with a fresh mani/pedi, or a new hairstyle. These are all things that many of us take for granted because they are affordable to us, but what about the women who experience the “getting pretty” feeling once in a blue moon. Thanks to this random act of kindness, I have been motivated to act…..Stay Tuned!


kita said...

That was nice people don't usually exist like that so when you find someone that does it's makes you feel good. I enjoyed reading this story brought a smile even to my face. Thanks for sharing

Unknown said...

Hey! Your blog inspired my blog. So I featured your story- Pass it forward. This was an awesome blog!!! Keep it up Diva.

Jessica @ FoundtheMarbles said...

I love how much this has inspired you. Can't wait to see what comes next!

Sistergirl said...

Just hoppin by. Love your post. I am going to be more aware of other women needs when I go to the salon next time. I think most of the time I just need my escape moment that I don't even notice other people and that isn't good.

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