10 Questions...

Friday, June 24, 2011

1. How many of you watched this year’s NBA Draft? (Get The Play By Play Here!)

2. Is Kyrie the new Lebron for the Cavs? (Kyrie = Lebron?)

3. How stupid is Weiner for thinking he wouldn't get caught? (Weiner Resigns)

4. Do you really care if Kim K’s butt is real or fake? (Real Booty vs. Fake Booty)

5. Is New York really going to pass the gay marriage bill? (I Do?)

6. And should the gay marriage debate really be left to the states? (What Does President Obama Think?)

7. Did you really think Hugh was going to marry that Playmate? (I Don't?)

8. How crazy is it that a woman died at her own funeral? (Say What!)

9. Metta World Peace? (Huh?)
10. If the NFL Owners and the NFL Players Associations were run by women, would we be facing a lockout? (I'm Just Asking!)

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