3 Steps to a Healthier Diva!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

So…today I had a brief conversation with a colleague/friend of mine regarding health and fitness. During this conversation, we both agreed that it is absolutely necessary to be physically fit and to consistently eat healthy meals in order to achieve and maintain good health. We also agreed that it is often difficult for professional women to incorporate healthier habits into a busy lifestyle. Have you ever felt like this?

Truthfully, my inner fat girl feels like this all the time. Most weeks I work anywhere between 8 to 12 hours per day, which does not include travel. By the time I make it home, the last thing I want to do is work out or make dinner. I would actually prefer to take a shower, plop on the couch, eat cupcakes, and watch my favorite reality T.V. shows. Don’t judge me!

Needless to say, I have suppressed my inner fat girl…at least 95% of the time! Additionally, I have found ways to incorporate healthier habits into my busy life. I promise you it wasn’t an easy task, but I was determined to do it. I am almost positive that many of my fellow Professional Divas may be looking for ways to achieve a healthy balance. If you oblige, I would like to share 3 simple steps that helped me on my road to healthier pastures. Let me know what you think of these!

Preparation Is Key – Back in April, I discussed how the act of preparing can help professional women achieve balance in their personal and professional lives. This holds true when attempting to incorporate healthy habits into a busy lifestyle. At the beginning of each week, usually on Sundays, I plan for the upcoming week, including my work schedule, social engagements, and meals. In planning my meals, I make sure that I am preparing healthy and well-rounded meals that are great for my hubby, and kind to my hips and thighs. I know it sounds a little rigid, but it really isn’t as detailed as it sounds. It’s simply a way for me to remember the things I need to do, the things I want to do, and the things I need and want to eat. Honestly, this usually takes me about a half hour to do each week…not too bad!

Remember That It Takes 3 Weeks to Adopt a Habit – According to scientists, it takes the average person 3 weeks to adopt a habit. In other words, if the average person follows a routine for 3 weeks, this routine will naturally become his or her habit. Now, I have no clue how these scientist came up with this number, but I can personally confirm that it works! The truth is that consistently performing certain things inevitably became the norm for me, like grocery shopping every Sunday, working out immediately after I leave the office, and preparing my lunch in the morning. Try out a healthy habit for three weeks, and see if it works for you too!

Work Out Before You Come Home – This is the most important thing I do to force myself to work out during the week. I bring my workout clothes and sneakers to the office with me. Before I leave the office, I change into my sweats and head directly to the gym or track. No excuses. Why? Because I know that the second I walk in my front door, the comforts of home attack me and I begin to talk myself out of doing what I know I’m supposed to do. I know me! And in knowing myself, I know that going home first is never a good option.

These are just a few simple things that work for me. What works for you? How do you incorporate healthy habits into a busy lifestyle?


Anonymous said...

I really agree that you have to make it a habit. I started really working out seriously almost 2 years ago and honestly I think it is more of an addiction now. lol Even on vacation, I take my exercise gear. It just has to become part of everyday routine, like bathing.
As far as eating, I could definitely do better. If it wasn't for my son, I'd probably not eat at all sometimes and other days eat brownies all day.
You got me thinking, I better find the right balance for healthier eating. ;)

Just One Donna said...

YOu are so right that it can be hard for a professional woman to live a healthy life, what with all those deadlines, long hours, travel, business dinners and events...Whew! I think you nailed it on the head, though, with the comment about the importance of planning. When we plan our food and our workouts we maintain control.

Anonymous said...

This is a really great post! Very good tips, My favorite is the one about going to the gym straight from work. Its so true! As soon as I get home (no matter how bad I wanna go work out) it doesn't matter, Im home for the night and turn into my lazy mode. lol

Sadi said...

OMG- I so need this post. I have to learn how to incorporate the healthy habits!!!! This is where I am stuck. I need to go to bed earlier, prepare better meals - plan better. I want to work out in the mornings - but I don't get up in time. In the evenings I am always doing something. I think what doesn't help is that we often eat after seven - like yesterday - I was at church until 8 and my husband comes home with PIZZA. Girl - let me get my mind right because this tummy is not cute.

LaShawn Wiltz said...

Great post! I'm going to try a new routine. Preparation IS key. I notice that when I don't plan, we eat soooo unhealthy!

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