I Broke Up With My BlackBerry!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I did it. After months of thinking about it, and weeks of talking about it, I finally did it. I broke up with my BlackBerry. What started out as a great relationship turned sour towards the end. I know in my heart that we were no longer good for each other. It started doing things that it never did before. It constantly froze on me; randomly turned off while I was in the middle of a call; it wouldn’t allow me to send text messages; its apps were getting boring…it all just went… bad. I promise you I tried to make it work, but it was time. Time for us to go our separate ways and find happiness elsewhere. It was time.

Needless to say, I was genuinely sad when I said to say goodbye to my BlackBerry. In spite of its faults, I had grown use to its features. Each time I upgraded to a new model, it was easy to jump back in the proverbial saddle, and continue BlackBerrying as usual. It was a great phone for work. In fact, it is the preferred smart phone for many businesses, especially law firms. I even have a “work” BlackBerry where I get my business emails. For personal use, however, I felt like I needed something new. Something fresh. Something different. Something other than a BlackBerry. And so I did. After kicking it with the Blackberry for 6 years, we mutually decided to part ways, and I moved on to…………..

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……….The HTC EVO! Yes! The EVO is my new Boo! My relationship with the EVO is still new and exciting, but I have yet to decide if the grass is in fact greener on the other side. I like the EVO so far…the apps are nice; the screen is amazing; and the Internet speed is fabulous…so far, so good! I will keep you all posted on how the EVO and I work out. But for now, I raise my virtual martini glass to my BlackBerry. You and I did great things in this world together. I am forever grateful for your love and dedication. I wish you well!

Has anyone ever had to say goodbye to a personal item that you had grown to love and rely on? It's almost like a romantic relationship. Or a career. Saying goodbye to the usual is not always easy, but sometimes it is necessary. While I am not completely convinced that I made the right decision getting rid of my BlackBerry, I felt as if I needed to at least give EVO a shot. Maybe it will help me be more efficient and productive. Maybe it will be more entertaining. Maybe. I guess I just had to step out on faith to see what happens....such is life!


LaShawn Wiltz said...

I had tO say a sad goodbye to my blackberry back in april. So sad. But now, I heart my iPhone!

Krissy said...

I had Sidekick for I don't know how long. a good couple of years. I never had a BB. Sidekicks broke down and I had to get something new. The droid market is where its at. I loveee apps! Lol. Next year I'll upgrade again but for now motorola cliq is my baby lol.

Chasing Joy said...

OMG this post is right on time. I am on my 3rd blackberry right now and it is acting up. Cutting off and reseting if It gets jostled too much. I want to venture out but am afraid the grass wont be greener. I feel like I'll be somehow betraying black berry. I even own a share of stock. This definately feels like a relationship. Should I stay or should I go... I don't know.

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