Getting Through Friday...The Challenge!

Friday, September 16, 2011

I work HARD all week...kind of. Each Monday I start the work week with a burst of energy. I have rested through the weekend, and I walk into the office on Monday feeling like a new creature! The night before, I had planned my assignments and goals for the entire week, and I declared to my To-Do List “you’re going down, sucka!” Typically, my week looks a little something like this:

Monday: Highly productive…crossed 5 items off the list before noon…certified rock star status…Beyonce who?!

Tuesday: Still extremely productive, but not like Monday… crossed off a few more items on the list…mini rock star status…now the opening act for Beyonce, but at least I’m still in the building!

Wednesday: Eh! Slightly productive…crossed one item off the list, but I should have crossed off two…rock star who hasn’t released an album in a few years status…now standing backstage at the Beyonce concert.

Thursday: Nothing crossed off the list, but I’ve added 5 more things…had a 1½ hour lunch just to get out of the office…drank an extra Coke Zero because I need the extra caffeine…rock star who released a horrible album…had to buy a ticket to Beyonce’s concert.

Friday: Flatline………………..

What happened!? What happened is what usually happens to many professionals. We push ourselves so hard at the beginning of the week, and by Friday we’re coasting on fumes. This happens to me every single week! Don’t get me wrong…I work diligently throughout the week and I always get the job done on time and fabulously. By Friday, however, it takes me much longer to finish a task than it would have on Monday. I need to fix this!

As I do with any problem I encounter, I have come up with 6 action that could possibly help me to get through Friday. I have no clue whether these things will work, but I’m willing to try anything! Check back here in a month to see if it works!

1. Mentally Prepare for Friday – Just as I mentally prepare for the beginning of the week, I will mentally prepare for Friday. On Thursday nights, I will look at my To Do List, and select the remaining tasks that I intended to complete by Friday. My goal for Friday will be to complete these tasks by any means necessary!

2. Go to Bed Early on Thursday – On Thursdays, I will hit the sack at a decent hour, and by decent hour I mean before 11 PM. An early bedtime is integral to item number 3, which is…

3. Go in the Office Early – I’m the type of person who is super productive before noon. Instead of capitalizing on a 9-12 window, I plan to capitalize on an 8-12 window. This gives me an extra hour of productivity. Unfortunately, this means I have to wake up an hour early…I guess I can do it! This way, I can….

4. Leave the Office at 5 – This is completely mental. I think I can convince myself to go in the office earlier on Friday if I subconsciously know that I will not be staying later than 5. Until 5, I will diligently get through those items on my list. Whatever works right?

5. Schedule Meetings for Friday Afternoon – Assuming I’m as productive as I want to be on Friday morning, I will try to schedule several meetings during Friday afternoon to break it up a bit. Thursday is typically a heavy meeting day for me…I will simply spread the meetings out so that Friday doesn’t fell lonely. And my afternoon will fly by!

6. Plan Something Fun for Friday Night – Having something to look forward to after work usually keeps me motivated throughout the day. Whether it’s staying in and watching a movie or going to the local diner with my hubby, I will try to plan something fun on Friday night to look forward to throughout the day.

So, this is my challenge to myself. I am determined to fight to overcome my downward spiral throughout the week. I’ll let you all know how it turns out…keep your fingers crossed!

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