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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Brookstone’s Bluetooth Keyboard for the iPad

I really LOVE my iPad! No, really I do. My hubby, the Stud, gifted me my iPad last November for my 30th birthday, and it has completely changed my world! Maybe that's a little extreme, but my iPad is useful and functional, and allows me to do all the things I love to do. I can read my favorite books and magazines, watch Netflix, and play plenty of games. I have a ton of apps that allow me to check my bank accounts, set my Fantasy Football lineup, store my favorite recipes, and manage the television shows recorded on my DVR, just to name a few. And don’t even get me started on HBO GO...yes I love my iPad!

Now that I have adequately touted the wonderfulness that is my iPad, I must note that there is one thing that I have generally been unable to effectively accomplish with my iPad: blogging. Yes, blogging on my iPad has proven to be difficult...along with typing in general. There’s something very unnatural about typing utilizing the iPad touch screen. The truth is that typing anything other than a few words at a time is impractical and a complete pain in the neck. After lamenting over my frustration with not being able to blog on the device that I love so much, a colleague recommended that I get an external keyboard. I declined, mainly because I did not want to be burdened with carrying around a separate device…which would essentially eliminate the convenience of toting around a single device. I gave up…until this weekend…

This weekend, I noticed that a friend of mine had purchased a new case for her iPad. Upon further inspection, I realized that there was a keyboard attached to the case. I was intrigued. When I inquired about this contraption, she gave me the scoop on Brookstone’s Bluetooth Keyboard for the iPad. What’s that you ask?

Brookstone’s Bluetooth Keyboard for the iPad is the perfect accessory for your iPad. It is a portfolio case with a built-in, wireless keyboard attached. It essentially turns your iPad into a laptop, and allows you to type as you would on a laptop. You can effortlessly blog, crank out emails, and take quicker notes in business meetings. The portfolio style also has a fold-up design that provides the perfect viewing angle for reading or watching movies. Further, the portfolio case is sleek and stylish, and it protects your iPad from the elements. In a word, this Bluetooth Keyboard is AMAZING! It is perfect for Professional Divas on the go, and it comes in a variety of pretty colors.

I highly recommend the Bluetooth Keyboard to any Diva who appreciates the convenience of the iPad, but who craves a keyboard to make her iPad fully functional. 


Learn more about it at Or, do a quick internet search for other brands...there are several! You can thank me later!

Disclaimer: Brookstone did not pay me to rave about this product. I totally wish they would've, but they didn't, so be assured that these are my opinions free from any commercial or financial influence....seriously!

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