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Monday, November 7, 2011

 This may come as a surprise to some of you who are not familiar with the woman behind the Professional Diva, but I am the biggest Jay-Z fan! I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, so I tend to celebrate the music and accomplishments of one of Brooklyn’s sons. As such, I stalked Ticketmaster on the day the tickets for the Watch the Throne Tour went on sale. I quickly and eagerly purchased tickets for the concert featuring Jay-Z and another one of my favorite entertainers, Kanye West. Excited beyond all belief!

On Saturday night, the Stud and I ventured to the Izod Center for the concert. Of course we blasted the Watch the Throne album while getting dressed and while zooming up the N.J. Turnpike towards the Meadowlands…all in an effort to elicit the required amount of “crunkness” appropriate for such an occasion. Once we arrived at the arena, we hung out in the Winner’s Circle, which was transformed into a promotional party for Grey Goose Vodka…there were some great martini recipes by the way!

At 9 p.m. sharp, Jay-Z and Kanye took the stage, and I lost my damn mind! The concert was AMAZING from start to finish. Hit after hit after hit, I danced and sang like crazy…all while rocking fabulous stilettos and my new favorite Marilyn Monroe tee. I literally felt like I had been dancing in a night club for two and a half hours straight with no break for water. It was a party that I never wanted to end. The concert was awesome and totally worth every penny we spent on the tickets….every single penny!

As I mentioned, the concert started at exactly 9 p.m. with H.A.M., and ended at about 11:15 with Encore. In between, there was nothing but music! Jay-Z and Kanye managed to perform every track from the Watch the Throne Album, as well as several individual hits from their various albums. For over two hours the pair affected a tag team approach to entertaining, slaying the crowd with the hits that made them famous. They played wonderfully off of each other, almost as if they had been performing together for years.

My favorite moments? I loved the extended introduction to Otis, and the pair’s easy delivery of New Day, two of my favorite tracks off the album. I also appreciated that two of the busiest people in the music industry managed to have a great time while working. I enjoyed Kanye’s Runaway performance, and his insistence that we hold on to the ones we love. I felt nostalgic when Jay Z performed the late Pimp C’s verse during his rendition of Big Pimpin. I marveled at the footage of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X during the Made In America performance.  In the end, I felt as if I’d received my money’s worth. I was satisfied and content, and virtually voiceless from all of the screaming I did. Also, I had a great evening with the Stud, and didn’t think about work at all…SUCCESS!

But it’s now Monday, so back to the grind! Have a productive week! But first......check out these tracks from Watch the Throne!

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