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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Please let me apologize in advance for the rant that is this post, but I really have to get this off my chest. Especially since I’m sure some of my fellow Professional Divas may have experienced the same frustration…but let me back up a bit and explain exactly why I am frustrated.

As I may have mentioned before on the Chronicles, I work out not only to get and stay in shape, but also to relax. It’s the one time during my hectic day when I can listen to my music, zone out, and get in some heart-healthy cardio. I generally like to work out in the gym because I like using the treadmill, the elliptical, and the weight machines. I currently have memberships to two gyms: Planet Fitness (which I love!) and Club Metro (which I hate have issues with!).

Let me discuss Club Metro for just a second.  There are a few things that I can get past when it comes to my membership at Club Metro. I can get pass the overly-crowded parking lot full of the cars of folks who are not even in the gym. I can get past the blaring loud music that resembles a night club…I mean so loud that you can’t hear the person standing next to you if by chance they are speaking to you…I can get past that. I can also get past the fact that out of the 20 treadmills in the place, only 10 really work…as long as I get a machine, I can get past that. What I absolutely cannot get past are the various men hitting on me at this gym. And it’s not just me! These dudes hit on many women at this gym, many of whom are receptive to their advances. I, however, am not one of them!

Picture it…you got your headphones on cranked up to your favorite work out tunes…you just hit the 2 mile mark on your running program and you’ve got 1.1 more miles to go to make it a 5K…you can see the end of your work out in sight…and then BOOM! You’re interrupted by a guy tapping you on your shoulder trying to get your attention…work out officially ruined!

I can’t tell you how many times this has happened to me at this gym, and it irritates the hell out of me! First of all, whenever I go to the gym I am usually working within a very tight time frame. I like to get in, work out, and get out. I don’t socialize with anyone…I walk in with my headphone on, and I leave with my headphones on. That may sound a little stuffy and stank, but it is what it is! Going to the gym is MY time to let of steam, and I am not willing to give it up…especially to some guy spitting weak game…or any game for that matter! You don’t see me strolling over to the weights section where all the dudes hang out admiring their own muscles and interrupting their sets to ask for their digits do you? So why bother me!

Now I know what you all are thinking, and the answer is NO! I am not emitting anything that would vaguely make these dudes think that I am amenable to their advances; as I said before, I am quite antisocial when I go to the gym. Maybe it’s the fact that other women go to this gym to flirt more than to work out…maybe these guys think that I am similar to the masses. If this is the case, please note the following:

1. If I refuse to remove my headphones from my ear when you tap me on my shoulder, then I am not interested.

2. If, when you approach, I immediately stop working out, walk out of the gym, get in my car, and drive off, then I am not interested.

3. If I turn my head in the opposite direction while you are speaking to me, then I am not interested.

4. If I tell you I’m married and my husband is trained in mixed martial arts and real swole, then I am not interested…and you may get your butt kicked!

The moral of this rant is that I enjoy going to the gym to work out and zone out…it’s my ME time! I am not interested in being hit on while I hit the elliptical. Just leave me alone why don’t you!?

And I’m spent! Has this ever happened to any of you? Please say I’m not alone! Please say this rant was not in vain! Sigh…Smooches!

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