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Monday, December 5, 2011

Greetings Divas and Gents! One of the things I have come to really love about blogging is that I have met tons of dynamic individuals that I may not have met in my daily comings and goings. A couple of weeks ago, the Chronicles attracted a new reader, who happened to have strong opinions about the resumes that come across her desk. As we bonded over Tweets, @ShesheLaGhost suggested an idea for a post….I counter-suggested that she write it herself for the Chronicles.

And she did! What you are about to read are 4 quick resume tips from someone who reviews resumes as part of her daily duties. Sheila (@ShesheLaGhost) was born and raised in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma. Throughout her career, she has dabbled in wardrobe styling and jewelry design, and is a self-proclaimed unprofessional comedian. She currently serves as a Personal Manager for Envy McKee. Please raise your martini glasses and help me welcome Sheila to the Chronicles!

Ok folks...I'm just going to jump right in and break it down. I'm not a resume building expert by any means, but I’ve had a few resumes pass my desk from time to time. Here are a 4 quick resume tips from the other side of the desk.

1. Get a Professional Email Address

Email addresses are generally free (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.). It takes approximately 6 minutes to open an email account. I can’t tell you the number of resumes I have come across where an applicant is using his or her high school or college email address as a point of contact. While this may be appropriate when one is interviewing for a position immediately following graduation, it is not appropriate once one has left their academic institution. In fact, an academic email may not even work once you’ve graduated. Take the time and sign up for a new account.

And while we’re talking about email addresses, please select and email consisting of some variation of your actual name. A professional resume with BoobsMcGee@yahoo.com as an email address gets passed over. But if I see BMcGee@yahoo.com …you get my point, right?

2. Spell Check (And a Friend) Is A Must

Your resume is your ticket to that great job you want, so don’t ruin your chances by having spelling and grammatical errors. Just about all resumes these days are created using a computer, which generally has spelling and grammar check. Also, you should solicit a friend or an adviser to proofread your resume for any spelling and grammatical errors.  When I am creating and updating my own resume, I use spell check and a friend (who is an underwriter for a newspaper). You should do the same!

3. Twitter/Text/FB Language
Social media jargon is unacceptable on a resume. DO NOT use JK, LOL, LMAO, IDK, LMFAO, ROTF anywhere in your resume…Period!


4. Photos (If Applicable)
Depending on the job you’re applying for, a photo may be required. If so, get a professional head shot made with a white or gray background. DO NOT (and I stress DO NOT) send a picture of yourself in a bar, on a beach, at a college frat party wasted beyond belief with your friends blacked out…completely inappropriate! I have had pictures like these attached to professional resumes, which results in chuckles of disbelief on my part. In these cases, the resume is deleted…even if you have a ton of awesome experience. The picture ruined any chance!

These are just a few tips based on my experience. I always suggest researching resume building and reviewing websites and agencies when preparing a professional resume. Happy job hunting!

I want to thank @ShesheLaGhost for sharing these quick resume tips with the Chronicles. What are some of your resume do’s and don’ts?

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