Chronicle Quickie.......Great Holiday Gifts For The Professional Diva!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011
Greetings Divas! The holiday season is in full swing, and I assume many of you are finishing up your shopping. I also assume that your gift list includes presents for your family, friends, and coworkers. But here’s a quick question…Have you picked up a gift for yourself? If the answer to this question is “no,” stop reading this post, check out my take on Rewarding Yourself, and then look at the following list of gift items that are perfect for the Professional Diva that is YOU! Or, if you are looking for something to get a fellow Professional Diva, this list may be helpful. Just a few suggestions!

Tablet PC – Apple really had the right idea when it pioneered the iPad…it is an awesome product! But the iPad isn’t your only option. Many of the electronics industry giants have released their version of the tablet PC in various shapes, sizes, and prices. Each boast scores of capabilities, including touch screen technology, internet access, and video streaming. Additionally, a tablet PC can serve as an integral office companion for Professional Divas with their note taking and calendaring features. Also, there are plenty of apps that can make a Diva’s life so much easier. Need to do some research on tablet PC options? Check out!


Work Bag or Briefcase – Every Professional Diva needs a reliable, sturdy work bag or briefcase. Invest in a dependable, stylish one that has plenty of compartments for various uses. Be sure to find one that is versatile enough to complement your work apparel.

Carry-on Luggage – Do you travel often for business? If so, professional looking carry-on luggage is in order. Try to find mid-priced, good quality, carry-on rolling luggage that can easily fit into an airplane’s overhead bin. Go for a dark color like black or navy blue, and try to find luggage with an outside pocket…it’s perfect to store your magazines and/or tablet PC for easy removal before stowing your luggage.

Starbucks Gift Card – Why would you give yourself a gift card? Wouldn’t it make sense to just purchase coffee with your own money? Not when it comes to a Starbucks Gift Card! When you purchase and register a Starbucks Gift Card, you are enrolled in the My Starbucks Rewards Program. Each time you go to Starbucks to purchase coffee, swipe the card to accumulate rewards, which include free refills on coffee and tea, free select syrups and milk, and exclusive offers and coupons. If you’re going to drink the coffee anyway, you might as well get something back. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

Wardrobe Essentials – A few weeks back, I posted a list of 10 basic clothing staples that every professional woman should have in her closet. If by chance you are missing any of these items, or if you want to build on these items, use the holiday season to gift yourself a few of these staples. You owe it to yourself to look good when you are out in the world making money and making a difference!

These are just a few items. What are some other items that are perfect gifts for Professional Divas?

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