Happy 1st Anniversary to the Martini Chronicles!!!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Greetings Divas and Gents! Today is a very special and joyful day for me. Why you ask? Well, a year ago today I launched the Martini Chronicles! I remember that it was the day after Christmas, and I was stuck in the house due to a terrible winter storm that had dumped several inches of snow along the east coast. I had spent quite a bit of time in the previous months learning how to create a blog design, adding widgets, signing up for Twitter and Facebook accounts for the blog, and writing several posts in anticipation of that which would become the Martini Chronicles. On December 26, 2010, in the wake of a snow storm, I decided I was going to publish my first post....and I did! (See my inaugural post here!)

I started this blog to share the various lessons I have learned since entering Corporate America; lessons that I have learned through fellowship with the dynamic professional women that I have become acquainted with over the past few years. One year later, I am happy to have shared some of the lessons that have shaped many areas of my life, including my relationships, career, style, health, etc. Over the past year you have joined me on this journey, and have helped to shape the Chronicles into a popular blog for professional women. Here are a few of the posts that you all seemed to really enjoy:

1. Many of you thoroughly enjoyed the Open Letter to My Loan Company. I'm sure many of us can relate to the burden of paying back student loans. This letter was an expression the frustration I feel every month when my student loan company comes acalling.

 2. A great number of you chimed in to add to my list of the 10 Basic Staples Every Professional Woman Should Have In Her Closet. I appreciated your comments an suggestions so much that I incorporated them into the second installment of the Building a Professional Wardrobe series. Stay tuned!

3. One of the many challenges that Professional Divas face is Balancing Their Professional and Social Lives. Here is my take on how to achieve a better balance.

4. Finally, one of the most popular post this year was one discussing Stress and the Professional Woman. Stress is another obstacle that Professional Divas often face. In this post, I offer a few suggestions on how to combat inevitable stress.

In addition to these posts, I have had the pleasure to share weekly martini recipes with you. Please take a moment and check out the Martini Roll Call for some awesome martini recipes to responsibly enjoy with your friends!

Additionally, I have met some amazingly supportive individuals over the past year...individuals who have been going through this journey with me while embarking on their own blogging journey. I am overwhelmingly appreciative of the support I have received from these individuals over the past year, and I hope that we continue to support each other in the future. As such, I want to thank my fellow bloggers, Professional Divas, friends, and family: , , , , , , , and !

Finally, I want to thank the Stud, Boss Lady, Elder Lewis (My Dad), Aunt Landa, my Roomie, Demishia, Charli Penn Watkins, Anita J., Jen A., and anyone who has ever read one of my blog posts, who has commented, who has offered encouragement, who has provided constructive criticism, or who has supported my little blog. Thank you! And if I missed anyone, please blame my mind and not my heart!

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