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Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Frostini

There’s something about the holiday season that makes me crave dessert foods. Maybe it’s the Sweet Potato Pies that my aunts make for our holiday dinners. Maybe it’s the Pumpkin Cheesecake that is served in all of the steak houses in the city. Maybe it’s the Apple Pie that my co-worker insisted on bringing in the office for everyone to try. In any event, the holiday breeds the need for sweet treats…which is not great for my waistline. Please be forewarned that if any of you suffer from the lack of willpower like I do, you are really going to hate me when I share this week’s martini recipe…the Frostini

As the name suggests, the Frostini is a frozen drink. It also calls for ice cream and a blender. While you may be reading this thinking “the Pro Diva is wrong for this one,” I know you and your friends will secretly thank me once you taste the Frostini. So go ahead and gather your ingredients, and blend up the Frostini…no judgment!


2 oz of Your Favorite Vodka

1 oz of Amaretto Liqueur

1 oz of Coffee Liqueur (Like Kahlua)

1 oz of Irish Cream (Like Baileys)

2 scoops of Vanilla or Chocolate Ice Cream (Your Pick!)

Chocolate Syrup (For Garnish)

Mini Chocolate Chips (For Garnish)


1. Rim the inside of a martini glass with chocolate syrup. Freeze for about 30 minutes.

2. In a blender, combine Vodka, Amaretto, Coffee Liqueur, Irish Cream, and Ice Cream. Blend! Mixture should be thick and pourable, but not liquidy.

3. Pour mixture into a chilled martini glass.

4. Garnish with Chocolate Chips.

Take a sip, and let the secret thanks begin! Enjoy! And Drink Responsibly

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