10 Things Every Professional Diva Should Do For Herself In 2012

Monday, January 2, 2012

Greetings Divas! And Happy New Year! With each new year, many of us take the time to set goals for the year, most of which take the form of a resolution. This year, I have resolved to do certain things that are beneficial to me. I also resolved to share these things with all of you so that you too will do certain things that are beneficial to you…you totally deserve it! Do yourself a favor and check out my list of 10 Things Every Professional Diva Should Do For Herself In 2012.

1. Get Healthy – Getting healthy is probably at the top of your list of things you plan to do this year. Make this goal a reality by eating better foods and getting more exercise. Each day, commit yourself to making healthier decisions. Instead of having fried chicken strips on your salad, try grilled chicken. Instead of eating that bag of chips, eat a piece of fruit. Instead of watching T.V. on the couch, watch T.V. while walking 20 minutes on the treadmill. Remember that losing weight is only one part of the bigger goal of getting healthier. This year, focus on this goal!

2. Get Regular Pedicures…Even In the Winter – Divas, I know that regular pedicures during the spring and summer months is an unspoken prerequisite for your fabulousness, but you really shouldn’t stop there…you should keep your feet healthy and sexy all year. Since many of us Professional Divas are on our feet throughout the work week (many times in high heels), you owe it to yourself and your feet to keep them looking and feeling good. The average shelf life of a spring/summer pedicure is 2 weeks. In the winter months, go for a pedicure every 3 weeks and be sure to exfoliate regularly. Your feet will thank you!

3. Reward Yourself With Every Check – Remember my post on rewarding yourself? This year, make sure you do it! With each pay check, reward yourself with something you want. A pair of shoes…a purse…a new dress…a new cooking pot…a massage…or even a pedicure (see above)! As I always say, what is the point of working hard if you never take the time to enjoy the fruits of your labor?

4. Combat Stress – Stress is the Professional Diva’s kryptonite! The truth is that being a professional usually brings unintended and unwanted stress, which can have negative effects on your physical, emotional and mental health. This year, make a vow to yourself to combat stress…easier said than done right? While stressing less may seem like an unattainable goal, there are many ways to deal with potential stresses that come our way. You can work out your stress at the gym…you can soak out your stress in your bath tub…you can even take a yoga class and stretch away your stress. Whatever you choose to do, make it a point to combat stress this year.
5. Stop Procrastinating – So, I’ve already share with you my issues with procrastination. It was through this act of sharing that I discovered I am not alone…many of you suffer from this affliction as well! Now, if the first step is admitting it (which we’ve done), the next step is finding ways to combat this issue. In my previous post, I offered suggestions that were designed to help us stop procrastinating. This year, you owe it to yourself to put some of these suggestions into practice: set clear deadlines, complete simple tasks immediately, and utilize to-do lists. Remember that “procrastination is the thief of time,” and Professional Divas are not fans of wasting time…right?!

6. Cook More – If one of your goals this year is to be healthier, your kitchen is a great place to start. Many believe that cooking at home helps in achieving many health goals because you are fully aware of what you are putting in your foods. It also saves you money. My suggestion is to plan your weekly meals ahead of time, hit up the supermarket, and make it a point to prepare your lunches and dinners at least 4 to 5 days each week.

7. Jazz Up Your Work Space – Truthfully, we all spend an enormous amount of time at work, so why not decorate your workspace. Think about it…you decorate your home to make it a more comfortable and pleasureable place to live. Use the same logic and jazz up your work space. A colorful stapler here…a festive desk plant there…and voila! A new sassy workspace! For more information on jazzing up your work space, subscribe to the Martini Chronicles and look out for new post on this issue…it’s coming soon!

8. Pay Down Your Debt and Save Money – Another common goal for many this year is to pay down their debt, which is an admirable and obtainable goal. It is also a great way to improve your credit score and achieve the overarching goal of achieving financial fitness. Some experts say to pay off the least expensive debt first…some say to pay off the debt with the highest interest rate. Whichever you decide, commit to paying down your debt this year. While you’re at it, save some money this year. Whether you’re saving to create or pad an emergency fund or saving for retirement, be sure to contribute to a savings plan this year.

9. Get Your Necessary Health Screening – Last month I emphasized 4 Health Important Health Screenings For Women. In that post, I emphasized the importance of having a good relationship with your primary physician and obtaining certain health screenings for common health ailments that affect women. This year, make it a point to get the necessary screenings, including, but not limited to, a breast examination and/or mammogram, and a pelvic examination. Just do it!

And the very last thing every Professional Diva Should Do For Herself in 2012 is.............

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Happy a wonderful and prosperous 2012!

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