6 Easy Ways to Alleviate Stress That You Probably Haven’t Thought Of!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Greetings Divas! I am highly optimistic that your work week has gotten off to a great start! Mine has been pretty fantastic so far. Although I’ve been busy this week, I do not feel stressed. Many of my long-time readers are aware that one of the primary reasons I decided to start the Martini Chronicles was to relieve stress. I have said many times, being a professional and dealing with the everyday ups and downs of Corporate America usually brings unintended and unwanted stress. I have also noted that stress can have many negative effects on one’s physical, emotions, and mental health. In addition to headaches, chest pain, and elevated blood pressure, chronic stress can also trigger insomnia, alcohol/substance abuse, and physical aches and pains.

Needless to say, it is imperative that professional women find ways to relieve stress. Last year, I shared a list of 6 ways to deal with stress (See Stress and the Professional Woman). Today, I want to share 6 more! But these are not your ordinary, run of the mill stress relievers…nope! These are simple and easy ways to alleviate stress. In fact, you probably already do some of these things and are completely unaware of their stress relieving properties…go figure! I hope you like the new list, and I hope that at least one of these items help you. As always, if you have other suggestions, please share!

1. Hit That Happy Playlist – Remember a few months back when I shared my Happy Playlist with you all? As I explained then I am highly motivated by music, and I often listen to music throughout the day to relax me. As such, I began creating Happy Playlists on my iPod. My Happy Playlists contain songs that make me feel happy when I hear them. Sounds corny right? Corny as it is, I make it a point to listen to tracks on these playlists during my drive to work. This simple practice has resulted in me feeling more relaxed once I arrive at work, and happier as I go throughout my day…even when I encounter the most stressful situations. If you are a person motivated by music, I encourage you to create a few Happy Playlists to get you through the day. It’s worth a try!
2. Watch Reality T.V. – I am the biggest abuser of reality television…I can admit that. And I’m not ashamed to admit it because reality T.V. has become one of my most effective methods of relieving stress. There’s something soothing and entertaining about watching other folks tackle this little journey we call life. My shows of choice: Real Housewives of Anywhere, the Biggest Loser, Top Chef, Project Runway, and (I’m embarrassed to say) Love and Hip Hop…yeah I said it! In sum, watching reality T.V. temporarily takes my mind off of my stress. With results like that, you really can’t judge me can you?

3. Play Video Games – Confession time. Back in December I went to the mall to do a little Christmas shopping. As I headed to Express to pick up a new outfit for myself my mom, I came across a Nintento Wii setup and saw that there was a small crowd gathering. What was the crowd looking at you ask? There were four mall goers dancing in front of a big flat screen television…they were playing Just Dance 3! I don’t know what possessed me to volunteer to play this game in the middle of the mall with a crowd of people watching me, but I was all in! The song: Dynamite by Taio Cruz. My opponents: a 7-year old boy, a 10 year-old girl, and a 25 year-old woman. The winner: ME! Yes ma’am! I had the most points at the end of the song, and I won my very own Just Dance 3 video game. Now, the 7-year old boy was not pleased that I won, and threw the most ridiculous tantrum…I ended up giving him my game. The point of this diatribe is that these new breed of video games are great! They are fun and interactive, and completely capable of helping you forget about the presentation you have to give at work the next day. Back when we were kids, playing video games made everything right…I challenge you to take this same simple approach as an adult. Unfortunately the Stud did not get me a Just Dance 3 for Christmas, but I’m hoping he is reading this post and catches the hint!

4. Get Hooked on Pinterests – Yes…I drank the Kool-Aid! I am officially addicted to Pinterests. Sigh! Who knew that sitting on the couch and looking at pins could make you forget your stress! It’s actually amazing how time just seems to fly by when I’m pinning. But you know what else flies by when I’m pinning…stress! For those of you out there who have judged the simplicity and fun of pinning, believe me when I tell you it is soooooooo relaxing! Can some of my fellow pinners please back me up here!

5. Watch Kevin Hart’s “Laugh At My Pain” – I’m not going to give you a review of Kevin Hart’s latest comedy show. All I’m going to say is that Mr. Hart is hilarious, and you are doing yourself a great disservice. Trust me, and go watch it…you will completely forget (for at least an hour) that your boss succeeded in getting on your last nerve…I promise!

6. Hug Someone You Love – By far the simplest item on this list! Sometimes a long, meaningful hug from someone you love can melt away any pent up stress. Just find that loved-one, open your arms, ask him or her to come in for the real thing, and commence to hugging. Just that simple. And don’t just hug for a couple of seconds and let go….GO IN on the hug! A 2 to 3 minute hug is not unreasonable….just go in. In fact, stop reading this post right now, and go hug someone…I’ll wait……


Now that you’re back from you hug, I just want to remind you all that taking care of yourself is a must! If you are chronically stressed and mentally and emotionally frazzled, you are no good to yourself or others. So, what do you think of the list? What are some of the ways you deal with stress?

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