Incoporating Spring 2012 Trends Into My Career Wardrobe!!!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Greetings Divas! As we ascend upon another work week, I find myself going through various magazines that I have neglected to read over the last month or so. I was super excited to see that my Spring issue of InStyle Magazine had arrived, and I immediately began pouring through the pages to see what wonderfulness I could find. Instant inspiration! Rifling through the magazine reminded me of several of the Spring 2012 trends that I am loving. Specifically, I’m loving how many of these trends can be incorporated into my every day work apparel. Check out my take on a few of these trends, and how I am incorporating these items into my work style.

 Funky Trench Coats – You all know I believe that every Professional Diva should have a trench coat in their closet….it’s a professional wardrobe staple! Once you’ve gotten your basic trench, try mixing it up a bit. Try a funky pattern, a bright color, or an unusual cut. I love the new Spring trenches, and I can totally see myself wearing one to the office….over my suit of course! The pictured version is from Burberry's Spring line.

Bright Bottoms – Orange dress pants. Fuchsia pencil skirts. Yellow capris. All three of these items are hot for the Spring. But how do you incorporate such bright colors into office wear? Pair them with neutral tones! Or, you can be bold and engage in a little color-blocking. Finally, add in some nude pumps...always a great accessory to pull a look together!

 Envelope Bags – Big and flat…those are the two words I would use to describe envelope bags. I love them! Partly because many of these bags are big enough to hold my iPad. But mainly because they are really stylish and can hold a lot stuff. These bags come in a variety of different sizes, and are Happy Hour-friendly!

Full-Bottomed Dresses – Move over sheath…there another type of dress that has been invading my closet! I am loving full-bottomed dresses! These dresses are sleek and comfortable, and the perfect for curvy girls like me! I like to pair my full-bottomed dresses with a belt (skinny or wide depending on the style), and super high heels!

Vibrant Blazers – Nothing livens up a neutral palette like a vibrant blazer, and the new Spring blazers are hot! Vibrant colors and patterns can add a lot of oomph to an otherwise typical outfit. I like wearing a bright blazer with tan or black slacks, or a solid dress.

Black and White Sheath Dresses – If it were possible, I think I would personally thank the genius who thought of the sheath dress. They are essentially my go-to work dresses, as I have so many different varieties. Recently I have found myself purchasing a number of black and white sheath dresses. Although they share the same color palette, the different patterns and designs really make these dresses unique in their own way. I usually pair them with a bright pump, and I go!

Yellow and Royal Blue Pumps – Now, I won’t pretend to be the all-knowing fashionista type, but I’m loving how yellow or royal blue pumps compliment my black and white sheaths. It’s an absolutely gorgeous combination! And even if you’re not feeling the combo, you can never go wrong with a pair of yellow or royal blue pumps. They are both great ways to jazz up dark-colored pants suit. Or a solid sheath or wrap dress…the possibilities are endless! Kind of!

Bright Nail Color – I have never been a big fan of do-it-yourself nail polish…mainly because I don’t have a steady hand and I usually end up making a mess. Lately I’ve been singing a different tune…these new Spring shades are so cute! They are bright and glossy, and sometimes sparkly…what girl doesn’t like sparkly things? Add the fact that many of my Pinterest and bloggy friends have been posting pictures of pretty nail designs, and it’s really making me rethink my nail polish embargo. Needless to say, I will be making a trip to the nail salon very soon!

So now it’s your turn. What trends are you loving for the office?

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