Tangerine Tango...Embrace The Color of the Year!!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Divas....have you embraced the color of the year? If not, then you don't know what you're missing! Tangerine Tango is officially the hottest color in fashion, and there are so many fabulous ways incorporate the color into your existing work attire. A blazer or dress here...a purse or pump there...and don't forget about the make up and accessories! Tangerine Tango is hot, and I encourage you to find a few pieces to sprinkle throughout your wardrobe. Check out some of the pieces I've found around the Internet.

1. Blazers - Easy add to neutral-toned outfit. 2. Dresses - Perfect color for the Spring; add pumps and go! 3. Skirts - Neutral top or color block! 4. Tops - Make a statement with a bold, tangerine  tango sweater, blouse, cardigan, or tank.

1. Make-up - Nail polish, lipstick, eye shadows, and blush...go for it! 2. Purses - No need to discuss...purses are a necessary part of any outfit. You might as well get one in the color of the year! 3. Shoes - Even less of an explanation needed! 4. Accessories - Make a statement with stand-out pieces in this bold color.

Have you embraced Tangerine Tango ? How are you incorporating the Color of the Year?

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