What Are You Wearing To The Office This Summer?

Monday, May 28, 2012

Greetings Divas! Did you miss me? I sincerely hope you do, because I really missed you all! I'm so glad to be back from a much needed vacation, and I am excited about this evening's post. Why you ask? Because I plan to discuss one of my favorite topics, and one that you all seem to enjoy as well: fashion! In case you haven't noticed, the weather is heating up...quickly! The air is thick and humid, and the need for summer-appropriate clothing is evident. So, how does a Professional Diva dress for the office in this kind of heat? Fabulously, of course! Check out my top office fashions for the summer below, and please feel free to add more!

The Sleeveless Sheath
You all know I love my sheath dresses for the office. This summer, I plan to take my sleeveless sheath dresses out for a spin. They are professional and sleek, and they can keep you cool in the warm weather. If your office is as cold as mine in the summer due to air conditioner abuse overuse, throw on a long-sleeved cardigan to avoid goosebumps.

The Belted Sheath
It's a sheath dress...with a belt...double win! Be creative with your belt choices and other accessories, as they can help you to create multiple looks.
The Sleeveless Wrap Dress
The wrap dress is a classic! I firmly believe that every Professional Diva should have at least one wrap dress in her closet. For the summer, the sleeveless wrap dress is the best. It pairs the classic shape and ease of a wrap dress with the need to keep cool. If your office is an ice box, add a fitted blazer to your outfit.
The Ankle Pant Suit

Another summertime favorite of mine! The ankle pant suit is a great way to keep cool while maintaining your professional stature. If you intend to rock this look, be sure that both the blazer and pants are tailored and are made of a breathable, summer-friendly fabric.
The Peplum Top

I have recently become a fan of peplum tops. There's something so classy about them! I also like the fact that you can pair them with both pants and skirts. For the summer, check out the peplum top of the short sleeve or sleeveless variety.
The Sleeveless, Full-Bottomed Dress
I have previously sung the praises of full-bottomed dresses. After all, they are girly and comfortable, and the perfect for curvy girls like me. For the summer, try to find sleeveless full-bottomed dresses. Pair them with a variety of different belts and super high heels. Also, a cardigan can help you keep warm in a cold office.
The Linen Blend Wide-Legged Pant
Okay, it has long been settled that I am not a fan of linen. While I love the fact that this particular material is extremely cool in the summer, I hate the fact that it wrinkles quickly. This really sucks because wide-legged, linen pants are perfect summer wear for the office. The solution: try wide-legged pant in a linen blend...preferable cotton. This material will allow you to enjoy the benefits of linen (coolness) without all the wrinkles!
The Short-Sleeved Cardigan
Just as classic as a long-sleeved cardigan, except it's cooler! Not only will the short-sleeved cardigan pair well with tanks, but it also looks great with pants and skirts. It also can serve as a warmer when paired with your sleeveless dresses....for the cold office.
Funky Shoes
Warmer weather is a perfect excuse to purchase shoes (like we need an excuse). For the summer, try peep toes, sling backs, nude pumps, and classy sandals.

That's it for now Divas! What will you be wearing to the office this summer? Let me know in the comments section below. Have a great week!


LaShawn Wiltz said...

I love these posts because I can DREAM about what I could be wearing if I had a good job.

Ashley said...

Nice choice of outfits. I'd sport these if I had an office job.

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