I'm Sorry, But I'm Judging!!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Greetings Divas and Gents! Can we talk for a spell? We all have heard about the tragic shooting that occurred in Aurora, Colorado last week at a movie premiere for the Dark Knight Rises. As regular Chronicle readers are aware, I like to use this blog as a forum to discuss different topics and issues, primarily those that affect professional women. Regulars also know that I often refrain from giving strong, unyielding opinions about these topics and issues, and very rarely do I judge. Well, today is different...I'm judging!

In the wake of this tragedy, one particular story has left me completely and utterly dumbfounded...and judgy! As many news outlets tell it, a coward man named Jamie Rohrs was attending the late night screening of the Dark Knight Rises with his girlfriend Patricia and their two children (one child was approximately 4-months old). When the crazed gunman began opening fire in the movie theater, Jamie Rohrs reportedly placed the 4-month old on the floor and slid him under a seat, and then he took off. Seriously! He apparently hopped over the balcony and took off running...and he left Patricia and his children to fend for the themselves. Lucky girl! And then after he hopped over said balcony and took off running, he reportedly headed out to the parking lot and drove off...without his girlfriend and children of course because they were still in the movie theater with the gunman...being shot at!

Whereas everyone in the world who has heard this ridiculous tale of cowardice is judging Jamie Rohrs for his disgusting display of both manhood and fatherhood, there is another party to this story that deserves the proverbial side eye. A few hours later, Jamie Rohrs received a call from Patricia to inform him that she and their children were alive, even though she suffered a gun shot wound to her leg. This guy, obviously fueled with joy and relief, rushed over to the hospital in his getaway car, and promptly proposed to Patricia...the very same girlfriend that he left in the movie theater with their children while the gunman with the orange hair continued to shoot. Now, any logical human being would have snarked at this proposal. The average, sane person would think that this guy was kidding himself. If Ed Lover was at the hospital at that moment, it would not have been inappropriate for him to give Jamie Rohrs a hearty and jubilant "C'mon Son!" What I am getting at is that practically every person I have spoken to about this story thinks this guys is a complete douche. But not his girlfriend....nope...she accepted his proposal. WTF! I'M JUDGING HER!

Patricia...Girlfriend...you can't be serious? Seriously! This guy leaves you and your children in a movie theater with a lunatic of a gunman, and you say yes? This guy ran out of the movie theater and got into his car and drove off without you and your children, and you say yes? This guy doesn't go back to see if you and your children are okay, and merely waits until he receives a phone call saying that you are safe, and you say yes? That bullet hole in your leg will forever be a reminder of this selfish jackass, AND YOUR SAY YES! Come on lady!

Patricia and the Coward Jamie Rohrs on CNN

Just in case you all are wondering, Jamie Rohrs is not the definition of a "good man." This is not the guy who your parents envisioned you settling down with and starting a family. This is not the guy who you take to any future family gatherings because they may poison his food. This is not the guy that you trust with you bank account information, your social security number, your Sam's Club card, your Twitter password, or your favorite DVD. This is not the guy you lend money to until his next pay day. This is not the guy you trust to wash your laundry or do your grocery shopping, or put change in the parking meter. Why? Because this guy is UNTRUSTWORTHY, UNRELIABLE, and IRRESPONSIBLE!

As I drove to work this morning, I listened as Power 105.1's Charlamagne the God gave today's Donkey of the Day to Jamie Rohrs. I have to say that I agreed with his sentiment that a man's job is to protect his family. Charlamagne concluded in saying that in this situation, Jamie Rohrs failed his family; therefore he has failed as a man. I hope Charlamagne won't mind if I weigh in, but I think the real Donkey of the Day is Patricia...yes you Patricia! You are a donkey for accepting this guy's proposal! He has proven to you in by far the clearest way possible that he cannot and will not protect you and/or your children. In a tragic situation like this, his first thought was to ditch you and your children. He is selfish and a coward, and therefore not marryable...in my humble opinion. You can do a hell of a lot better! This guy is wack!

 Power 105.1 FM Donkey of the Day
If I have offended anyone with this rant, I'm sorry...but someone had to say it! Ladies, we cannot be this desperate to be married that we would settle for this guy. Patricia and her children are better off without him, and until she realizes this, I'M JUDGING! Great big shout out to the complete stranger who came over to help Patricia and her children get out of the movie theater alive. He stepped in and did the job that your now fiance should have done. I can't talk about this nonsense any more....
In closing, I want to say that my sincere thoughts and prayers are with all of the victims' families and friends who are forced to cope with the aftermath of this inexplicable tragedy.


Unknown said...

I agree Well said

LaShawn Wiltz said...

I was sooooo disgusted when I heard this story. I mean, seriously!!??

Stesha said...

This is what I've been saying all along. He didn't go outside the theatre. This "man" got into his vehicle and drove away. No ma'am would I be marrying or breathing the same air as him!

Hugs and Mocha,

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