President Obama Nominates Ketanji Brown Jackson to the U.S. District Court!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Ketanji Brown Jackson
 I am always excited to hear good news about Professional Divas excelling in their respective fields. Needless to say, I was over-the-wall excited when I heard the news that President Obama nominated Ketanji Brown Jackson to the United States District Court for the District of Columbia. President Obama's nomination is especially impressive because Ketanji Brown Jackson is the first African-American woman to be nominated to this particular court in over three decades...three! 

Ketanji Brown Jackson is a double graduate of Harvard University: she received her B.A. from Harvard University in 1992 (magna cum laude), and her J.D. from Havard Law School in 1996 (cum laude). During her career, Diva Jackson has clerked for several federal judges, including Associate Justice Stephen G. Breyer of the United States Supreme Court. Diva Jackson has also served as an Assistant Special Counsel at the United States Sentencing Commission, and an Assistant Federal Public Defender in the District of Columbia. Diva Jackson is currently serving as Vice Chair and Commissioner of the United States Sentencing Commission. She is truly amazing!

Judge Norma Holloway Johnson (1932-2011)

 If confirmed by the U.S. Senate, Diva Jackson would become the 2nd African-American woman to serve as a full judge on the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia. The first was Norma Holloway Johnson, who served on the Court from 1980-2003.      

As a legal professional, who is also an African-American woman, I love to hear stories of women in my field who are succeeding at the highest level. These women inspire me to keep going and to keep climbing! Please give Diva Jackson a round of applause!

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