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Monday, September 3, 2012

Solid Body Tints...Courtesy of LUSH!

Well...this past Saturday I found myself back at LUSH Cosmetics. As you may recall, I visited LUSH a couple of months ago and completely fell in love with their products. I went to the mall on Saturday in search of a dress, and I was pleasantly surprised to learn that a new LUSH store had opened in Newport Center Mall...YES!!! I suddenly felt gravity unwillingly forcing me up the escalator and into the store (that's my story and I'm sticking to it). Of course I received a warm welcome from the sales staff, who were more than happy to help me spend money I really did not need to spend. And how do they achieve this? Well, they start trying out all kinds of product on you...and that is how I discovered the most fabulous product ever!

As some of you may know, I am a firm believer in wearing hosiery when I wear dresses and skirts to work. I just feel like it gives your work wear a more polished look. I usually receive minimum opposition to this stance during the winter months, mainly because stockings and tights are great barriers to the cold weather. Also, there are so many stylish varieties of hosiery out there that stockings and tights have become somewhat of an accessory. But many women look at me like I'm crazy when I tell them that I also wear hosiery during the summer months...please attempt to hide your shock! Seriously though, I do wear ultra, ultra sheer hosiery with my skirts and dresses in the can hardly tell they're there!

As I'm sharing this information with Michcella, the sales associate at LUSH, she responds by showing me Black Stockings, a new body tint. She rubs the product on my lower leg, and then starts blending it. And guess leg looked as if I was wearing a pair of sheer hosiery. In other words, my leg looked amazing! The body tint allowed me to have the polish afforded by hosiery without wearing a pair of stockings. My legs were literally glowing! Check out what the LUSH website has to say about Black Stockings:

Dress your pins and smooth Black Stockings over your legs to give them a gorgeous, sun kissed glow. Created for darker complexions, Black Stockings balances out skin tone and gives a stunningly realistic tan with its coppery pigment and hints of shimmer. Have a paler skin tone? You can use this sexy little number too for healthy looking bronze shine. Spicy pimento berry oil, warming cinnamon and a hint of sweet orange oil give Black Stockings its warm, deep fragrance, just like a warm Caribbean beach.

Now, I have dark skin, so Black Stockings worked perfectly for me. If you have lighter skin, LUSH also carries Silk Stockings. Here's what they say:

Silk Stockings is one of our fantastically beautiful solid body tints. Give your legs some colour with a gorgeous sheen and an even skin tone all year round. This is the one for pale skins, a pinky blend of colours that melt onto the skin to give your gams a natural looking tint. Plus, it has the sensuous fragrance of jasmine, rose and sandalwood oils for an added level of seduction. Smooth some on for instant sex appeal. It also washes off easily, so your sheets won't suffer melt-y messes. You know, in case one thing leads to another. 

Nice, right? In addition to priming your legs, the body tints can also give pale skin a little bit of extra color...without the use of a tanning bed. I love this product, simply because it alleviates my concern of not presenting a polished look at work when wearing dresses and skirts. It also offers a very nice compromise between hosiery sticklers like myself and those who want to go bare-legged. But don't take my work for it...actually, you should take my word for it...this product is wonderful! Which is why I must recommend LUSH's body tints as a must have for my fellow Professional Divas!

So, who's willing to try it out? If so, please be sure to share your thoughts with everyone. Have a great week!

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