June Was A Busy Month...The Mini Me!

Friday, July 5, 2013

So where are we now...my last day in the office was June 14th, which was also the day of our final appointment with the New Jersey Perinatal Associates. Until this appointment, we thought that Mini Me would arrive on July 12th...we were told during the appointment that she would be scheduled to arrive on June 27th. Date moved up two weeks...mental freak out ensued...fervent scramble to get things done...you get it right? And then things got real on the morning of June 23rd.

The Mini Me

On the morning of June 23rd, I woke up at about 5:30 with the sudden urge to tinkle. In the spirit of anti-TMI, let's just say that what happened next prompted me to abruptly wake up the Stud and call my doctor...at 5:30 in the morning. After speaking with Dr. C, we were advised to go to the hospital for a quick "check up." So the Stud and I calmly headed to hospital donning our most fashionable pajamas. After all, we had every intention of coming back home after being cleared by the doctor. We were so certain that we were coming back home that we didn't even call our parents to tell them what was going on...can you hear God giggling again

We arrive at the hospital, and the Stud drops me off out front while he went to park the car. I headed up to the appropriate floor, got myself checked in, and we headed into an examination room. After being in the hospital for not even 15 minutes and being examined by a few nurses and medical residents, we heard a resident say "okay, we're going to prepare the OR." *Blank Stare* Wait...what?! The OR!! Apparently, God had different plans, because Mini Me was arriving today...and there we were sitting in shock with our mouths open. It was now about 6:30 a.m., and it was time to call the parents!

Cut to about 10:00 a.m....I had already been stuck with about 5 needles...I had gone through about 5 or 6 six bags of IV fluid and I really had to tinkle again...I'm being rolled into the OR...the Stud had on all kinds of sterile clothing on top of his pajamas...my nerves started getting to me and I start sweating. Once we arrive in the OR, the tears started flowing, but I'm not sure why. Maybe it was because I knew I was about to get a needle in my back. Maybe it was because I knew that Mini Me would be here in a matter of minutes. Maybe it was because things had moved so quickly that morning and I hadn't had a real opportunity to digest what was about to happen. In any event, I cried for about 5 minutes as I rolled into the OR...and then the epidural came and everything went numb and I blanked out.

They had Lo Jack on my baby!
When I came to, I saw the Stud sitting at my head and I felt all kinds of pressure down below. Moments later, at 10:45 a.m., I saw Mini Me...in all of her glory. She was finally here! All 5 pounds and 9 ounces of her. And once I heard her cry, I knew everything had happened just as it was supposed to happen. Everything was right with the world at that very moment, and nothing else mattered but her. I was instantly in love! Even in my epiduric haze, I remember saying a quick prayer giving thanks and asking that no harm ever come her. She was absolutely perfect...and she still is.

So to recap...June started...Mini Me was scheduled to arrive on July 12th...I gave away all of my work at the office...maternity leave started on June 14th...doctors told me Mini Me would be arriving on June 27, almost 2 weeks earlier than expected...the Diva starts planning...God giggles...Mini Me arrives on June 23 (to be early is to be on time, right?)...I'm in love again...and that was June.

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Sarina Rivera said...

Love it! She is perfect and wonderful just like her mama!

Just One Donna said...

Congratulations! Parenthood is rarely predictable. Enjoy the journey.

Michaela Cornwall said...

Ahhhh I loved reading your story. I don't post much but do get your posts in my email. I couldn't resist commenting today. God bless your little one and her parents. Congratulations and now the fun begins!

The Pro Diva said...

Ahhhh Sarina! Now I'm blushing!

The Pro Diva said...

Thanks so much Donna! I'm quickly learning about the unpredictability of motherhood!

The Pro Diva said...

Thank you so much! And thanks so much for following my blog. This has been my baby for so long, and it's good to know that there are folks out there reading. Thanks for your support!

Vee_thehodgepodgefiles said...

Aww....God is always right on time! Congrats on mini Me!

The Pro Diva said...

Yes He is! Thank you!

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