Divas' Holiday Wish List...A Balance Ball Chair!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Image Courtesy of Isokinetics.com
Greetings Divas! Day 15 of our Divas' Holiday Wish List is here! And I have a great gift idea for those of you Divas who work in an office setting, and who spend most of their day sitting. How awesome would it be for you, and your abs, if you replaced your usual office chair with a balance ball chair?! Before you judge, hear me out...

Many of us Professional Divas spend way too much time sitting when we're at work...it is what it is. The balance ball chair allows us to turn a negative (sitting too much during the day) into a positive (strengthening your core, and improving your posture). A couple of my colleagues recently swapped their office chairs for balance ball chairs, and they both have nothing but good things to say about it. I intend to follow suit in the new year and score a balance ball chair for myself!

If you're game and you believe the balance ball chair is a great gift for you, or a fellow Diva, here are some options:

Gaiam's Classic Balance Ball Chair - $79.98 at Gaiam.com

Brookstone FitBALL Balance Ball Chair - See Brookstone.com for price

Isokinetics Fitness Ball Chair - $64.95 at Isokinetics.com

Isokinetics Fitness/Exercise Ball Chair - $64.95 at Isokinetics.com

Sivan Health and Fitness Balance Fit Chair - $79.99 at amazon.com

Sooooo.....what do you think? How many of you are considering swapping your office chair for a balance ball chair.

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