6 Easy Exercises You Can Do At Work!!!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Greetings Divas! And welcome to the beginning of what I hope will be a fabulous and productive work week. Personally, I am optimistic about this week as I have issued myself a challenge: to be more active at work. I recently purchased a Fitbit (more about this later this week), which has made me painfully aware of just how sedentary I am at work. I sit at my desk during the majority of the day, and my only source of exercise are my walks to and from conference rooms for meetings, my walks to and from the bathroom, and the walking I do when going to get my coffee, lunch, and snacks. Clearly, this is not enough exercise. Yes I work out almost daily at the gym, but according to my Fitbit and several other articles I have read, this is not enough!

Well, I have issued myself a challenge to be more active during work hours. How do I intend to do this? Check out this list of 6 Easy Exercises You Can Do At Work. My hope is that doing at least 4 of these exercises per day will pump up my activity level at work. Check them out and let me know what you think!

1. Park Far Away - How many of us are guilty of circling the parking lot in search of a spot closest to the door? In an effort to keep active throughout the day, look for a spot in the section farthest away from the door. This will force you to walk a little more than usual.

2. Climb the Stairs - Whenever feasible, take the stairs instead of the elevator. If you work on a higher floor in a taller building, take the elevator to a lower floor and walk up to your floor. Does that make sense? I confused myself a little bit while writing that sentence!

3. Take a Walk - Step away from your computer 2 or 3 times a day, and take a 10 minute walk. If the weather is cool, walk around the inside of the office. If the weather is pleasant, take a walk outside of the building. Be sure to incorporate a couple of flights of stairs during your walk. Not only will a walk pump up your activity level, but it may enhance your mood...simply because you are taking a break from work.

4. Swap Your Chair For and Exercise Ball - If feasible, bring in an exercise ball and swap it for your chair. Sit on the ball in 20 minute increments throughout the day. Many say that doing so could improve your stability and posture, and strengthen your core. For more information on using the exercise ball as a chair, click here! 
5. Do a Few Tricep Dips - I recently came across an article posted on Forbes' website regarding tricep dips in the work place (see article here). This article gives the following instruction on how to properly perform tricep dips at your desk: "Place your butt on the edge of the desk, then place your palms on the edge of the desk on either side of you. Keeping your feet together, bend at the elbows and slide forward off of the desk and dip down a few inches, and then push back up. Dip to where your elbows are bent at 90 degrees. Do this 20 times." 

6. Lunge in the Stairwell - Head to the stairwell for this quick exercise. At the bottom of a landing, take the stairs up two steps at a time. In each step, slowly lunge your way to the top of the next landing. Do this up 5 flights of stairs, run back down, and repeat. Once you're back up to your floor, you're done! In only 10 minutes!

That's all I have on my list! Don't forget to drink plenty of water throughout the day, and don't forget your sneakers!

What other easy exercises are easy to do at work? Share please! And have a great week!

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