Bright Lipstick In The Office...Yay or Nay?

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Russian Red by MAC Cosmetics
So...a few weeks ago, I headed to San Francisco and met one of my girlfriends to hang out for the weekend. She actually lives in the NYC area, but she was in San Francisco for work and asked me to come join her for a weekend of shopping and sightseeing...I was all in! I'd never been to San Francisco, and I certainly need no excuse to do some extra shopping. I hopped on a plane Friday night and I was out!

On that Saturday, my friend and I made a beeline for the shopping areas. And there were plenty of areas to see! We "stumbled" onto the Westfield San Francisco Centre Mall and "tripped" over to the MAC Cosmetics counter at Nordstroms. Somehow, we started trying on lipsticks...I was looking for a "shocking" red lipstick, and my friend happened upon a hot pink-ish color. I completely fell in love with my Russian Red lipstick and the accompanying Night Moth lip liner, but my friend was a little apprehensive about purchasing the hot pink lipstick...even though it looked AMAZING on her! Like me, she's a lawyer, and she had some pause about where she would wear such a bright color. I immediately responded that she could wear it anywhere outside of the why did I instinctively go there? The truth is that I had no intention of wearing my new red lipstick in the office. In fact, I am not a fan of wearing any bright, outstanding makeup in the office...but especially not a bright lipstick. Not surprisingly, my friend agreed.

Which brings me to my question for you Divas. In a professional, office environment, is it appropriate to wear bright lipstick? What about bright makeup in general? Does your answer vary depending on one's profession? Or one's office culture? What say you?!

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Nellie @ Brooklyn Active Mama said...

I really think it depends in the environment -- I certainly won't wear hot pink but I have worn my Russian red on occasion usually for a pop of color in an all black or grey outfit.

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