Professional Divas Must Have...6 Basic Makeup Brushes!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

My little sister is on her way to becoming a brilliant makeup artist. Seriously she is! Over the past 5 years, she has been honing her skills and she does an amazing job...and she's self-taught! My sister recently did my makeup for an event, and I was floored by her talent. While she was beating my face, I paid close attention to the different makeup brushes she used, and how she used them. I was especially interested because I had recently purchased a basic makeup brush kit, and I was anxious to see if I had been using my brushes to perform appropriate task. 

Historically I had only used the application tool that came with a particular product. The truth is that I am intimidated by makeup brushes. I'm always wondering if I'm using the right I using it properly...are there multiple purposed for each brush...these are all questions that I ask myself when using brushes. It wasn't until I read an article online claiming that makeup brushes can lead to a more polished finished when used to apply makeup...and the article was right! My makeup appeared to be distributed more evenly and blended better than it had when I used the "come-with-the-product" applicators. 

Now, my sister is real fancy with her makeup application, and she has more brushes than I can count. But I'm a simple Diva, and I realize that I only needed a few basic brushes to achieve that polished, every day look. In the interest of sharing, I thought that I'd give a quick note on the 6 basic makeup brushes that every Professional Diva should have in her arsenal. Check it out, and let me know what you think!
Sigma Beauty Brushes -
Foundation Brush - I don't typically wear foundation on a daily basis, but when I did I would either use my fingers or a foam wedge to apply. While I would always do a good job when applying (so I think), using a foundation brush allows me to apply foundation more evenly. I also notice that I use less foundation when applying with the brush, which is perfect because I hate that "caked on" look. Your ideal foundation brush will have a combination of natural and synthetic fibers, and will have a contoured shape.

Powder Brush - I like to use pressed powder, and before I started using makeup brushes I would use the flat poof that came with the powder. Since I started using a brush to apply the powder on top of my foundation, I noticed that my makeup looks more natural and even. It makes me look all radiant and bronzy, which is awesome! My ideal powder brush is medium-sized with light bristles.

Blush Brush - Up until about 9 months ago, I never wore blush in my normal life. I didn't even own just wasn't my thing. And then one day, my cousin suggested that I try a rosy blush on my cheeks. My entire makeup game was transformed on that day! I am now a firm believer and user of blush. And I realize that applying blush with a real life makeup brush is much better than applying with the itty bitty brush that comes with the product. The blush applies so much more easily and blends so much better when using a brush. My blush brush is slightly smaller than my powder brush, and I use it to apply blush and powdered bronzer. It is also made of natural fibers.
Concealer Brush - I don't use concealer often, but when I did, I would use a small foam wedge to apply. A concealer brush is so much better for one main applies the concealer more evenly. And there's less cake. Look for a small, stiff brush with synthetic fibers to add to your makeup bag.

Eye Shadow Brush - How many of you use that little eye shadow applicator that comes with the product? So did I! That is until I started buying eye shadow that did not come with an applicator. Needless to say, I have had eye shadow brushes for a lot longer than I've had my other brushes...simply due to necessity. But in the spirit of necessity, I noticed that I was able to apply and blend my eye shadows more easily with a brush than with the little eye shadow applicator. My favorite eye shadow brush actually came with my Urban Decay Naked Eye Shadow Palette...the Good Karma Shadow Brush. Check it out here.

Lip Brush - Confession time: while I understand the usefulness of a lip brush, I don't use one. I have one, but I prefer my lipstick right from the tube. Although I have my preference, lip brushes are a great tool to control the faintness or boldness of your lip color. It also allows you to blend multiple colors to create your own hue. If you are going to use one, go for one made of synthetic fibers and that is retractable. Even though I am not an active user, you should still have one in your arsenal...just in case you need it!

Do you use makeup brushes? If so, which ones are your favorite and why? How do you use your brushes?

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