Robin Roberts Receives the Arthur Ashe Courage Award!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Image Courtesy of John Shearer
I am a big fan and supporter of Robin Roberts, and I gather that I am in good company. As a fan, I was super excited to watch as Robin received the Arthur Ashe Courage Award last night at the ESPY Awards. As many of you may know, Robin began her illustrious career in journalism as a sports anchor, and has spent a good portion of her career as a reporter for ESPN and ABC News. Over the past few years, however, Robin has publicly battled breast cancer and a rare blood disorder. Having successfully defeated both illnesses, Robin has cemented herself as an advocate for breast cancer awareness and encourages the public to join the bone marrow registry. Throughout her career, and most recently as she confronted health issues, Robin has been the perfect picture of courage; as such, her receipt of the Arthur Ashe Courage Award is highly appropriate.

As I watched "Robin Roberts' Journey" last night on the ESPY Awards, I knew that I had to share the video with you all when it became available...and here it is! Take a look at this portrait of an extraordinary woman, and I dare you not to be inspired by her story. Enjoy!

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