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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Greetings Divas and Gents!

It's Sunday! And for a good number of us, Sunday is the day before our work week begins. If you're anything like me, Sunday is the day you get things situated so that your week runs smoothly. While I have developed and refined my own Sunday routine over the years, I am always on the lookout for time-saving ideas and planning tips. So, over the past few months I have reached out to some of my professional diva and gent friends to get the low down on their Sunday routines. After checking out the responses, I was able to group them into 4 categories: (1) Planning for the Office, (2) Planning Meals, (3) Planning for the Gym, and (4) Planning for Life. Check out some of the tips below, and feel free to share some of your own tips in the comments...I want to hear from you!

Planning for the Office

"My daily to-do list is highly driven by items that come through my email. After the kiddies are tucked away on Sunday night, I sit on my couch with a glass of wine and I go through my emails. As I'm going through my emails, I start to populate my to-do list. Naturally, I add to the list throughout the week, but starting it on Sunday night helps me to get a jump start on Monday."

- Jennifer  G.

"Once my work week starts, it's a complete rat race until Friday. When I get home at night, I am completely exhausted. Too exhausted to worry about what I'm going to wear the next day. To save myself some time in the morning, I pick out all of my outfits for the week on Sunday night. I pick out everything from underwear to shoes, and I hang them in my closet. I wake up in the morning and shower, and then throw on my clothes and head out the door. This routine makes my mornings bearable!"

- Lauren B.

"I look at my work calendar each Sunday, and I schedule all meetings and lunch on my Outlook calendar and send around invites to my colleagues. It gives me an idea of what my work week will look like so I can plan my life accordingly."

- Robert C.

Planning Meals

"I do my grocery shopping for the week each Sunday. Before I head to the supermarket, I sit down and plan my meals for the week using a food planner app on my iPad. I plan for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for me, my 3 kids, my husband, and my sister-in-law. As I'm planning, I make note of those things that I can prep ahead of time. I head to BJ's and get all of the food I need for the week. I come home and prep throughout the day. I separate and season my proteins and place them in the refrigerator or freezer. I chop up my veggies and put them in plastic bags so I can grab them throughout the week to cook. I even started making those mason jar salads that I saw on Pinterest and bringing them to work with me. Prepping this way on Sundays makes the week go by so smoothly, especially when work gets busy."

- Lisa C.

"I read your post a few months back on preparing smoothie packs (see it here!). One of the the biggest time savers ever! I also have been making my salads in mason jars, an idea I got from Pinterest."

- Alyssa  T.

"I have been practicing Paleo, so on Sunday night I have been making egg scrambles in muffin pans. I store the batch, and take two "muffins" out each morning for breakfast. I grab them and go, and warn them up when I get to the office."

- Autumn  J.

Planning for the Gym

"Every Sunday, I decide which days I intend to go to the gym and/or my spin classes. I make sure that all of my workout clothes are washed, and I keep them in a separate drawer for easy grabbing (my choice of clothes varies depending on whether I'm going to the gym or going spinning). Each night I packed my gym bag and leave it by the front door so that I don't forget it in the morning."

                                                                                                                                               - Jessica F.

"When I really started getting into working out on a regular basis, I went to TJMaxx and purchased a variety of workout pants and tops because they are super cheap there. On Sunday, I wash my workout clothes and throw 5 pairs of pants, 5 tops, and my gym stuff in a bag with my sneakers. I bring my bag to work with me on Mondays, and I leave it there. I change into my workout clothes in my office and head directly to the gym after work (a new set each day). On Friday, I grab my empty gym bag and bring it home, and I repeat on Sunday. Not only does this save me time, but it ensures that I do not leave my work out clothes at home."

- Danni K.

Planning for Life (Not Just Sunday!)

"I set my coffee maker the night before, and I have my travel mug sitting nearby so I can get my caffeine and go!"

"I curl and wrap my hair before bed, so all I have to do in the morning is brush my hair down and go."

"My car does not have auto start. In the winter, I sit in my car and do my makeup while it warms up. Saves me time!"

"I pack me and my son's lunch bag and work/school bag the night before so that I don't have to in the morning. I also lay out our clothes and I give him a bath the night before."

"I do all of my primping on Sunday nights. Hair gets washed. Nails and toes are done. All is done so that I don't have to do it during the week."

"I run every morning, so I sleep in running clothes (sans sneakers). In the morning I wake up, brush my teeth, put on my sneakers, and go."

"I usually get to bed late and wake up early so I take my morning shower before I go to bed."

"I clean my entire house every Sunday so I have a clean start to the week. It's a mess by Saturday. LOL!"

What are some of you Sunday prep tips?

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I wash and style my daughter's hair for the week, every bit of time saved on mornings is a godsend :)

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