The One Thing I Did To Reduce My Stress At Work!

Monday, September 14, 2015

Work can be is what it is! And since work stress is inevitable, I am always looking for ways to de-stress. Those of you who have followed the Chronicles for a while know of the various ways I have attempted to relieve stress, including running, shopping, hot yoga, and of course...blogging! Well, during one of my major stressed out moments last week, I realized that I had abandoned one of the most effective stress! 

There was once a point in time when I would sit in my office while working and listen to music. It kept me calm and, on many occasions, had put me in a good mood. Somewhere down the line I stopped listening to music while I worked. I realized last week that I started experiencing a higher level of stress right around the time I stopped listening to music at work. There has to be a correlation, right? 

Of course I thought that I was on to something, so I threw on my bootleg scientist hat and decided to test my theory. I started listening to music again while working, and guess what...your girl (Me!) was right! Listening to music really did make me feel more calm and less anxious. And strangely, I found my mind also wandered less and I was more productive. 

Now, I'm not saying that listening to music will work for everyone, but for someone like me whose life has always revolved around music, it was a success! That being said, I have started creating little playlists on my iPod with music that I can listen to while working; music that is not too distracting. Check out this sample list of some of my favorite tracks. And yes, I still have an iPod...don't judge me!

1. Window Seat - Erykah Badu
2. Share My World - Mary J. Blige
3. Come Over - Aaliyah
4. Slow Down - Bobby Valentino
5. Pretty Brown Eyes - Mint Condition
6. She's Playing Hard To Get - Hi-Five
7. You - Raheem DeVaughn
8. The One - Tamar Braxton
9. Hold On We're Coming Home - Drake
10. Close To You - Maxi Priest

And may I throw in a few honorable mentions: anything by Jill Scott, Roy Ayers, Maze featuring Frankie Beverly, Earth, Wind and Fire (The Elements!), and Robert Glasper will set your mind right and help you to forget all of the extra foolishness going on in the office...I promise!

What are some of your favorite "chill out" tracks?

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